Cooling and Air Conditioning

Cooling and Air Conditioning

Beat the summer heat and humidity with a properly sized cooling system. R&R Gas Service has a solution for virtually every application. No duct work? No Problem! We offer both hi-velocity and ductless systems along with traditional central system air conditioning. Today’s efficiency  ratings are higher than ever and operating noise levels have never been lower.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to cover my air conditioner?

Only with the manufacturer approved air conditioner cover is it safe to cover your air conditioner. Unlike conventional air conditioner covers that trap warm condensing air, the Innerflow System allows air to flow out of the covered air conditioner, taking with it stale air and moisture. In addition, the Innerflow System effectively maintains a balance between the relative humidity inside and outside of the air conditioner cover, thereby reducing, and even preventing the formation of rust.

Does acid rain or UV rays affect my air conditioner?

Your equipment is designed to withstand all possible weather conditions including ultraviolet rays, but over time the sun’s powerful UV rays will begin to fade the cabinet. One of the best ways to keep the cabinet looking like new is to use the Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover during the off season.

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